How to Make a Hook Clasp

Step 1

Grip a 4-5" piece of wire in the middle with a pair of round nose pliers. Push the wire around the pliers with your fingers until the wire is completely bent in half.

Step 5

Make a loop using the Wire Wrap Technique with the remaining wire.

Step 2

Squeeze the bent end of the wire together with chain nose pliers until there is little to no space between the wire.

Step 6

Gripping your wire right above the wrap, bend the two wires that are folded together at a 45 degree angle.

Step 3

Keeping the wires parallel, tightly grip with chain nose pliers an inch down from the folded tip of the wire.

Step 7

Grab the middle of the folded wire with the middle of the round nose pliers and roll the wire around the pliers to form the clasp.

Step 4

Wrap one of the tail wires twice around the second wire and cut off the excess of wrapped wire.

Step 8

Bend the tip of the clasp up with chain nose pliers.