Endless Strand

Step 1

Cut a length of cord that is at least 1 foot longer than the finished length of the necklace. Tie a single overhand knot through one bead to keep the beads from sliding off the end of the cord. String all beads on cord. Remove knotted bead from the end. Hold both ends of the cord, making sure you have equal amounts of cord at each end.

Step 2

Pass each end of the cord through the first four beads strung on each end of the necklace and pull tight to form a completed circle of beads.

Step 3

Using a double circle knot (an overhand knot that encircles the cord), tie off each end of the cord between the beads where it exits. Pass the end through the next bead on each side and knot again for security.

Step 4

Pass each end through the next bead, cut off excess cord and glue each knot. Allow glue to dry overnight.