Stringing with Soft Flex

Step 1

Tape one end of the Soft Flex wire, leaving a tail of about 3". The tape will keep your beads from slipping off the wire.

Step 4

Pull the end of the Soft Flex with your fingers until it is drawn up to form a small loop between the crimp bead and the clasp. With chain nose pliers, flatten the crimp bead so that the Soft flex is held firmly in place.

Step 2

Start stringing your beads on the Soft Flex. When you have strung the amount desired, string a crimp bead on the wire.

Step 5

With a wire cutter, clip the excess wire and repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other side of the strung beads. Make sure you remove the tape and pull up any slack.

Step 3

String the Soft Flex through the loop on your clasp and bring it back around through the crimp bead and through several of the beads that follow.