Wire Wrap Technique

Step 1

Grab the middle of a 3" piece of wire with the tip of your round nose pliers. Push one end down to a 90 degree angle until it forms an "L" shape.

Step 5

Take the pliers out of the loop that you just made and grip it sideways with chain nose pliers. (For a Basic Wire Loop, cut tail on the inside of the loop at this point.)

Step 2

Wrap the wire over the top of the plier jaw.

Step 6

Take the tail of the wire and wrap it around the base wire two or three times.

Step 3

Take the loop off the top jaw of the pliers and reposition snugly onto the lower jaw.

Step 7

Cut off the excess wire and tuck any edges of the wire that stick out close to the base wire.

Step 4

Pull the tail of the wire completely around the nose of the pliers to form a loop.