Greetings…..thanks for taking the time to visit our website.  This is Anita, the founder of Dava Bead & Trade.  Dava began as an idea that percolated for a long while and became a reality in 1991.  With a background in early childhood education and occupational therapy, what became very clear was the value of creative expression as a means of establishing a sense of well-being. With a passion for beadwork as the medium of my choice, and with the inspiration and support of my family, the vision for Dava Bead & Trade came to life.  We celebrated 30 years of being in business in May of 2021.


While there have been many changes during the past 30 years, some things still remain the same.  We continue to be a community of people that count, sort, tie, vial, bag, bead, advise, act as creativity coaches and enjoy each-others’ company, brought together by a common passion.

Here's wishing you many pleasurable hours spent designing and creating and when in the neighborhood, please come see us at the shop.

Warmly, Anita


Thanks to my grandmother, Annie, for her entrepreneurial spirit.