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     Twenty-four years ago, I began working at Dava Bead & Trade. Little did I know this would become my home away from home. But, Dava has had many faces over the years, and the last two have been quite the transition. I have now taken ownership of the business from Anita Bermont, the founder and Bead Lady extraordinaire. 

     My main focus is creating community and supplying my customers with quality goods and advice. I am very knowledgeable and make sure everyone leaves with all the information they need to create their dream. 

     Our inventory consists of a wonderfully curated selection of semi-precious stones, metal components, and Bulk chain and findings, which we also sell at a wholesale price with larger quantities. In addition, we have a beautiful selection of Czech and Japanese seed beads that can be used to make woven pieces or simple bracelets and necklaces.

     Working at Dava has nurtured me through most of my major life undertakings. So when you come into this extraordinary store, I hope you feel the same happiness I do. Thank you, Anita Bermont, for creating this magical place and for entrusting it to me.

__Amber Traeden


Anita, Lynzee, Stacie and Amber

(Lady Dava )

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